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Backflow Testing


A Backflow Test is required by the state of Texas as well as local governing authorities. Each year your backflow preventer must be tested and pass the test. When your backflow preventor passes, we at Backflow Testing Specialties write and file the report with the governing authorities. When your systems pass, we take care of all the details for you.

Should a backflow preventor fail, we can perform the repair and re-test the preventor. Once it passes, again we file all the paper work to keep you in compliance.

We have a scheduling proceedure and Backflow Testing Service is happy to schedule your next test to make sure your organization stays in compliance. This is a great service as it takes all the guess work and thought off your shoulders and places that on ours. We test, file the reports each year for you, so you can focus daily activities.

Backflow Assembly Repairs


Backflow assemblies are mechanical devices that include moving parts. These moving parts can fail or even break-down through wear or non-use over time. We can rebuild or replace an assembly that is defective. Usually we can repair the device on site, but at times it may take up to 24 hours.

Annual Testing


An annual backflow test is to assure the perfmance of the backflow prevention assemblied. If you like, we can place you on our schedule to assure your backflow is tested and turned into the city every year.

These assemblies prevent the cross contamination of water from you facility with that of the public water supply. Backflow prevention devices can be found on potable water supply lines, fire lines, irrigation systems and internal building equipment.


With our state of the art technology technically and compentent staff, from testers to office for fast and efficient service.


We are familiar with all guidelines, procedures and regulations in all municipalities in the Central Texas area to keep you in compliance with your local water board.


Our trained technicians arrive in company uniforms with company id. We are easy to identify. Next we perform test to your backflow devices for compliance.

Competitive Pricing

Our use of technology and excellent support staff, enables us to to provide the best service in the industry at competitive prices.